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Arts and Literature
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Name Graduation Year Career
Richard Elmore 1966 Harvard University Scholar
Frances Penrose Owen 1919 First Woman Regent of Washington State University
Gordon Winston 1950 Williams College Economist
Gordon Wright 1933 Stanford University historian

Arts and Literature

Name Graduation Year Career
Margie Boulé 1973 Columnist, The Oregonian
Kathrin Ford 1997 Poet
Cullen Hoback 2003 Film Maker, Terms and Conditions May Apply (2013)
Nagle Jackson 1958 Playwright and Onassis Award winner
Craig Lesley 1967 Novelist, The Sky Fisherman and Storm Riders
John Markoff 1971 Journalist, New York Times
Patrick Page 1985 Broadway Actor, Disney Company and Co.
Rick Stevenson 1977 Film Writer, Director, and Producer


Name Graduation Year Career
Mara Abbott 2008 Professional Cyclist
Ingrid Backstrom 2000 Internationally ranked free skier
Holly Brooks 2004 Winter Olympian in Nordic Skiing
Tommy Lloyd 1998 Assistant Coach, Gonzaga University
Laura Valaas 2006 Member, U.S. Nordic Ski Team


Name Graduation Year Career
Ralph Cordiner 1922 CEO, General Electric
Ashifi Gogo 2005 Co-founder of Sproxil
Andrew Snyder 1993 VP of Sales, Yahoo!
Jonathan Sposato  1989 Co-founder & Chair, Geekwire; Co-founder & CEO, PicMonkey
John Stanton 1977 Founder, Western Wireless; Board member, Microsoft

Entertainment and the Media

Name Graduation Year Career
Dirk Benedict      1967 Actor, Battlestar Galactica and The A-Team
Aisha Fukushima 2009 Hip-hop artist and founder of RAPtivism
Gretchen Grimm, Lydia Lund,
Julia Shapiro, and Annie Truscott
2012 Recording Artists, Chastity Belt
Shane Johnson 1998 Actor, Saving Private Ryan
Erika Rolfsrud 1990 Actress, House of Cards
Hilary Scott 1998 Indie Folk Musician
Andrew Shoals 2005 Drummer, Train
Randy Stearns 1986 Executive producer, ABC news
Adam West 1951 Actor, TV's Batman


Name Graduation Year Career
Ryan Crocker 1971 U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Kuwait.
William O. Douglas 1920 Supreme Court Justice
W. Michael Gillette 1963 Oregon Supreme Court Justice
Neil Kornze 2000 Director, U.S. Bureau of Land Management
Lucile Lomen 1941 First female law clerk, U.S. Supreme Court
Walt Minnick 1964 Congressman
Jim Robart 1969 U.S. Federal Judge
Al Ullman 1935 Congressman

Science and Technology

Name Graduation Year Career
Matthew Ames 1970 Director of Research, Mayo Clinic
Walter Brattain 1924 Nobel Prize in Physics
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Rob Manning 1980 Chief Engineer, Jet Propulsion Lab, NASA
Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger 1997 NASA Astronaut "Teacher in Space Program"
David Nygren 1960 Particle Physicist, inventor of the Time projection chamber.